Andrew James & The Steady Tiger

In the simplest practical terms, this band incorporates drums, guitars, and vocals. It could been labelled roots rock, swamp folk or americana  but considering the range of their output, and the degree of nuance and experimentation inherent to their approach, terminology such as this seems almost arbitrary, and restrictive for this duo from Cape Town, South Africa. This band makes music without boarders, with the technical savvy required to innovate as they see fit.


They abandoned their previous musical commitments and began working together in 2010 after mutual friend & producer Aron-Turest Swartz (Founder of Freshly Ground) introduced them. This ultimately resulted in them working with Aron on their first album, Red in Tooth and Claw (2011).

Virtuosos both (in the strict sense of the word), their capacity for creating music that compliments and augments their lyrical storytelling knows no bounds. Watching Andrew wield the acoustic guitar, lap slide and banjo, using a unique and mesmerising fingerpicking technique all of his own, is an experience in itself. His relationship to his instruments, from which he can coax sounds as diverse as they are expressive, is one of obvious intimacy, even love. In telling stories of his life and times, his voice is at times tender, at times fierce, and always sincere.

James, on the other hand, can extract a beat from almost any object you can think of; seated at his drums he appears as a blur of limbs and crashing steel from which infectious rhythms emanate in metronomic waves. He also plays the cajon, darbouka and frame drum, incorporating African and Middle Eastern rhythms to hypnotic effect.
Catherine Nicks
CELL | +27 (0)72 601 1013


Rebel Music – Martijn van Waveren

Searching for the most reliable composers/producers in town? RebelMusic stands for Commercial Creative Commitment. It embodies Composition, Production and Artist development. Music is our must, means and mission.

As an online (Quantel/Henry) video editor at posthouses like AVP, Condor Amsterdam/London and Postoffice, Martijn has worked with honderd of (inter)national cliënts. After 16 years of video-editing he has made (and heard!) thousands of commercials and music promo’s, which resulted in the idea of making a profession of a hobby  together with the well known singer/songwriter and friend Ivar Vermeulen. Years of live and studio gigs, passion and the skill to listen gives him the experience to ‘translate’ the cliënts needs.

t. +31(0)20 3300150
a. Hamerstraat 20
1021 JV Amsterdam
The Netherlands



Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (BCUC)
Biography:  ”Music is seldom so inspiring and straight from the heart”
- Into The Great Wide Open -

Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (BCUC) moves the audience – both physically and emotionally with an explosion of passion, funk and rhythm. With their music, straight from the ancestors BCUC wants to question the common worldview on modern Africa.

The basic ingredients of BCUC’s sound are the traditional whistle, percussion and a rocking guitar. Topped by the raw combative voice of Jovi, flowing rap by Luja and Hloni, the sweet and clear vocals of Kgomotso – the only woman in the band – and chants of all four vocals together. They baptized their unique sound as ‘indigenous funky soul’.

BCUC takes the audience along on an intriguing journey to the secret world of modern Africa. They want to rectify western assumptions and show the South Africa from after apartheid from a young, contemporary, different perspective. Mandela and Tutu are not their heroes. Mandela is a millionaire, a shameless fundraiser and Tutu a spy. In eleven languages BCUC discusses the harsh reality of Africa where especially the unemployed worker forever stays at the bottom of the food chain. And also they tap into the elusiveness of the spirit world of ancestors that fascinates them. Africa portrayed by BCUC is not poor at all, but rich in tradition, rituals and believe.

“We see ourselves as modern freedom fighters who have to tell the story of Soweto’s past, present and future to the world”
- Jovi Nkosi, singer of BCUC -

Highlights of BCUC’s musical journey are performances at Gentse Feesten (Belgium), Festival Mundial Tilburg and Melkweg Amsterdam (Netherlands). BCUC was selected as one of the finalists by a panel of Tony Allen (drummer Fela Kuti) and others at Africa Unsigned supports African unsigned musicians to record music funded by fans.
BCUC introduction:

Jovi Nkosi – Vocals
Kgomotso Mokone – Vocals
Hloni Maphunye – whistles, Vocals, Nose Flute
Luja Ngoepe – Vocals, bass drum
Mr Chix – Percussion
Lerato Lichaba – Guitar


3rd Ear Music Company (Est. 1969) / The Hidden Years Music Archive Project (HYMAProject) (Est. 1990)

The Surfers and Sharks team while on location ran into 3rd Ear Music Company

in KZN at an open mic sunday session.  David Markantonatos has spent most of his
life producing, creating and promoting raw talent..

We look forward to work with David making some live recordings specific for the
soundtrack of this film and as our connection of great music created since 1969
from the area where most of the film was shot.. Hidden Years Archive / 3rd Ear Music >

3rd Ear Music is a member of the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO)

P. O. Box 50633. Musgrave Road 4062
Durban KwaZuluNatal

Republic of South Africa

Cell (083) 359 -5610
Home & Office: (039) 684-6148
Fax: 086 648 1074


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