In South Africa exists a stigma between surfers and sharks since the first surfers entered it’s coastal waters, in search of riding epic swell conditions.

Every year shark encounters / attacks occur, causing hysteria from all sides of the public, fueled by news, media and myths the general public takes an un-educated guess about the stigma which is strong enough that these myths and ideas explode and then dissipate instead of creating real life actions and solutions to existing problems and issues around surfers and sharks.

In the SA winter of 2011 – a new feature documentary will be shot in South Africa.
The purpose of this film is to discover and understand this stigma that surrounds surfers and sharks specifically between Cape Town to Durban, an area with many species of sharks including the top 5 which are potentially dangerous.

South Africa is especially in June is famous for high ocean activity with record surf conditions, creating world-class surfing locations that are consequently abundant with a wide selection of marine life including sharks, some species of which have randomly attacked humans causing injury and sometimes loss of life.

The focus point of this film will portrait 3 local surfers that live and surf in Eastern Cape and KZN their history and involvement in the surfing industry and their ideas about shark attacks / encounters in their daily life, backed with a A-List panel of shark specialists, we aim to inform and educate the viewer to bridge the gap between myth
and reality.

Andrew “Roosta” Lange : Professional Fisherman’s son– the only youth in the village permitted to surf during the sardine migration. Andrew is now one of SA’s top free pro surfers, while his brother has 15 years working on the SA shark board.

Lungani Memani –SA’s most successful Xhosa Pro Surfer , a group who have traditionally feared the sea from religious tradition. Lungani a township surf programme success story who made his name in competitions locally and internationally.

Avuyile Nsamase – A 16 year old Xhosa Surfer from Port St Johns, a place where their beach break is now closed due to several shark fatal shark attacks including his younger brother in Jan 2011 and some of his close friends in the last years. Avuyile escaped his home town to Port Elizabeth to continue his passion for surfing.

These 3 locals will showcase premiere surfing spots that are not necessilary on the ”known list’ Internationally. These locations are also where they live. Andrew, Lungani and Avuyile in their interviews will talk about their own experiences and their opinions on shark attacks.

This film also has a cross section of interviews with related specialists and opinions that surround this topic including  Olivia Symcox – Alison Kock – Mark Addison – Shark Spotters – Chris Nefferson – KZN Sharks Board – Julie Anderson and of course the general South African public.

This film intendes to make a  cross section of current and future opinionsabout solutions or positive ideas to the future of this long existing stigma in South Africa.


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